What Distinguishes Oh Shit Dry Shampoo From Oh Shit Volume + Texture Spray?

What Distinguishes Oh Shit Dry Shampoo From Oh Shit Volume + Texture Spray?

Volume + Texture Spray (more commonly known as Dry Texture Spray) and Dry Shampoo are frequently confused. Both items remove product buildup and excess oil from dry hair. Dry texturizing spray, however, also adds texture and volume. Dry shampoo provides minimal volume, but it works wonders for freshening up filthy or oily hair. Dry shampoo when used in excess can leave a white residue on the scalp unlike a dry texture spray which in most cases does not leave said residue. When using Oh Shit Dry Shampoo & Volume + Texture Spray having a white cast of powder residue is not a thing you need to worry about as we are virtually invisible on the hair.

In contrast to Dry shampoo, which prolongs blowouts and other styles, a Volume + Texture Spray functions as a primer to get your hair ready for styling. It adds great volume for that lived-in, sassy feel you love and is a little heavier or shall we say grittier than a dry shampoo.

Dry texturizing spray works incredibly well on all hair types and textures, unlike dry shampoos, which are typically used on greasy hair. Volume + Texture Spray, in contrast to Dry shampoo, is absolutely undetectable and leaves no residue in the hair.

Here's a quick reminder of the distinctions: In between washes, use Dry shampoo to keep your hair clean and smelling good. Apply Volume + Texture Spray to hair before styling to add grip and texture, or use it immediately after styling to add light, airy volume with a touch of hold.

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